Flodyn® is the vertical outflow dosing device that provides an adjustable product flow and enables volumetric dosing of powders, grains and granules.

The Flodyn® is easy to install (in-line) and, thanks to its low height, takes up very little space. During the operation of the Flodyn®, the product flow is visible.

The product can be supplied from a silo or container and flows via a hopper onto the plateau of the vibrating mechanism. The required flow is obtained by moving the plateau electrically or pneumatically in an oscillating motion. The flow capacity can be adjusted steplessly.

Thanks to its wide range of properties, the Flodyn® can be used for a large number of applications:

  • supply of bulk materials to weighing and weighing conveyor installations, grinders, crushers, hammer and ball mills, screeners and conveyor belts;
  • regular discharge of the product from semi-bulk containers, silos and cyclones;
  • screws and weighing systems.

All metal parts of the Flodyn® have a stainless steel finish.

The housing of the Flodyn® series consists of two flanges between which a transparent cylinder is clamped. The enclosed vibrating mechanism is mounted on the lower flange. The vibration mechanism is connected with the control box by means of a socket and plug (IP65) or by means of a pneumatic connection.

Depending on the capacity, the Flodyn® is available in four models. The physical properties of the product, such as the grain shape and grain size, the bulk weight and the bulk properties are significant to the capacity.

Click here to view the technical details of the four models.

The advantages of the Flodyn®:

  • vertical, in-line installation
  • low installation height
  • maintenance-free mechanism
  • visible product flow
  • product flow stops immediately upon being switched off or interruption
  • adjustable flow capacity
  • nearly all bulk materials can be dosed and transported in a steplessly adjustable way
  • stainless steel design