If you produce or process bulk material, a consistent and optimal flow is essential for the continuity of your process. One of the tools to achieve this is to use flow promoters, such as pneumatic vibrators. The linear vibrators from GIPA are particularly suitable for mounting on your silo to maintain the outflow and to prevent arching and ratholing.



These mechanical vibrators are highly suitable for powering your vibration chute, vibrating sieve or other vibrating device. With these industrial vibrators, both the frequency and amplitude can be adjusted steplessly independently of one another. In other words, you can easily set the desired flow or vibration yourself. Linear vibrators are available in four models:


  Linear Vibrator LK series (Linear Small)

The smallest linear vibrator that GIPA produces, highly suitable for powering small vibration chutes, sieves and vibrating tables, or for mounting on small silos for optimum outflow of bulk materials.
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  Linear Vibrator TK series (stainless steel)

The linear vibrator of the LK series now also available in stainless steel design.
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  Linear Vibrator LM series (Linear Medium)

Medium-sized linear vibrator with hardened cylinder and piston in aluminium housing. A high linear vibration strength at a very low noise level and air consumption.
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Linear Vibrator LG series (Lineair Large)

The vibrators in this series are able to create very strong vibrations, while the exhaust air is used as a cooling medium by means of expansion.
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Linear Vibrator LE series (Linear External Weight)

These very robus vibrators with external weight offer unique benefits as compared with the vibrators of the LK, LM en LG series.
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