A simple and competitively priced model of linear mechanical vibrators are rotary vibrators. Uniquely suitable for vibration loosening, compacting and various other applications, such as powering vibration chutes, vibrating sieves, pipes and mounting on silos to maintain the outflow and to prevent ratholing and arching. However, the air consumption and noise level of rotary vibrators is higher than with linear vibrators. Rotary vibrators are available in three versions:


Ball Vibrator

The most competitively priced vibrator in this series. Using a polished steel ball and compressed air, this compact ball vibrator creates Rotary oscillation.
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Roller Vibrator

Despit its simple design, this compact roller vibrator is able to produce large centrifugal forces.
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Turbine Vibrator

The turbine vibrator is the quietest Rotary vibrator currently on the market. The noise level remains below 65 dB.
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